2013 Toyota Avalon Compared to the 2013 Lexus ES350


Can the 2013 Toyota Avalon match or beat the Lexus ES350? Yes, yes, and yes. It most certainly can match it and beat it. Just imagine paying $5,000 more for the Lexus ES350 and then realizing that you could have saved that much with the Toyota Avalon. Not only that, but you get more features on the Avalon, more space in the Avalon and plenty of comfort and style.

The aerodynamic 2013 Toyota Avalon is slightly bigger than the ES350, and it offers 3.5 more cubic feet in interior volume. This results in more rear headroom, rear hip room, front hip room and front shoulder room. Front headroom is taller by an inch, and rear shoulder room is wider by nearly two inches. Whichever way you turn, you’ll find more room in the Toyota Avalon. You even gain an extra cubic foot in cargo space.

The base models can go head to head on generous 268 horsepower and remarkable 31 mpg highway fuel economy. They can match up on these, but you’ll still pay $5,000 more to get the Lexus ES350?! It just doesn’t make sense.

Then, taking it a step further, if you want the two cars to have the same premium interior features including technology, the Toyota Avalon XLE can offer it to you for $7,000 less than the comparably equipped Lexus ES350. This doesn’t make sense when you consider that the Avalon XLE includes Bluetooth in its basic tech package and the Lexus ES350 doesn’t. It really doesn’t make sense when you consider that the Avalon XLE includes heated front seats, while the Lexus ES350, which already costs more, would make you pay more for this features. Heated seats are a must-have for New York winters. The Avalon has a special eBin for cell phones and other devices. Featuring a unique non-slip surface, the illuminated eBin tilts phones toward passengers. The eBin includes two 12-volt power outlets, a USB port, an auxiliary jack, and wire management system.

Clearly, if you want to save money and still purchase a luxury car, the only clear choice is the 2013 Toyota Avalon. You can see it in person at Kent Brown Toyota. Let their knowledgeable staff show you how the Toyota Avalon outshines the Lexus ES350.

Smart Key with Push Button Start
Entune with XM Data Services
Portable Device eBin
Leather or Perforated Leather seats
Multi-stage Heated front seats
Ventilated front seats (Available)
Dual-zone, automatic climate control
IntelliTouch Audio/Climate Controls
Blind Spot Monitor (Available)
10 Airbags

Quadrabeam halogens
17” Alloys
Wide Angle foglamps (Touring)
Available Hybrid Engine with CVT Transmission
Star Safety System
Moonroof (Available)
6-Speed Automatic Transmission

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