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Toyota Dealer Ithaca NYIf the Toyota A-Bat Concept ever makes it into production, it will be one of the most unique vehicles on the road. It promises to change the perception of what a typical pickup truck should be. Not only will the vehicle deliver superb efficiency, its driving dynamics will rival the handling dynamics of many of today’s passenger cars. 

Although the A-Bat Concept is considered a compact truck, it still provides an impressive amount of interior space. Potential owners scouring local Toyota retailers near Ithaca will love this exclusive truck’s versatility. The A-Bat Concept should appeal to the drivers that enjoy an active lifestyle.

Instead of an eight-cylinder engine, the Toyota A-Bat Concept will use an innovative hybrid engine. The use of a small, four-cylinder engine is also a possible candidate for the base model. Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive system will treat the owner to excellent gas mileage on a daily basis. The truck’s unibody platform will come in handy when weaving through traffic or maneuvering through rural roads.

In an effort to boost efficiency, the A-Bat Concept was designed to be very aerodynamic. It will undoubtedly be one of the greenest trucks on the entire market. Even the instrument panel was engineered with solar panels to capture energy from the sun.

The A-Bat Concept has a four-foot bed that allows the driver to haul a variety of items. The rear tailgate opens to increase the bed’s length by an additional two feet. The rear seats fold to further increase the cargo space. There are even lockable storage compartments in the walls of the bed. For extra storage capacity, there is a big sliding drawer below the bed. The truck’s tailgate also has lighting that will illuminate the cargo area.

The interior is loaded with high-tech equipment. Four-passengers should fit comfortably inside the cabin. There is a battery pack that allows the owner to use both AC and DC to power items. Powering a computer or grill should be no problem. Amenities like navigation and Wi-Fi internet will also be available.

*Aerodynamic design
*Versatile truck bed
*Hybrid engine

*numerous storage configurations

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